Chlorine Dioxide Made Easy

CDG Environmental produces highly engineered, state-of-the-art chlorine dioxide chemistries.

We are leaders in the supply of safe, stable, easy-to-use chlorine dioxide products.  They are used for a wide range of biocidal, disinfection, and decontamination applications for a variety of markets.

Do you need less than one pound/day of ClO2 or do you need a large dose for a quick clean? Then look at CDG Solution 3000™.

Do you need 1-200 pounds/day of continuous high purity ClO2?  Then look at our GAS:SOLID™ System.

CDG Solution 3000™ Liquid Concentrate

Pure, stable & ready-to-use.

CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is EPA-registered pure chlorine dioxide. CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate obviates on-site production equipment; it requires no mixing or “activation”, which simplifies chlorine dioxide application for small-volume users.

CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate, the first stable, ready-to-use liquid chlorine dioxide biocide, was invented by CDG to control microorganisms in drinking water, process water, piping systems, cooling towers, condensers and heat exchangers. It is also useful for food  and agricultural applications. It is easier to apply, safer to handle, and more effective than chlorine or bromine-based products.

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GAS:SOLID™ system

Simple & safe high-purity chlorine dioxide production

The CDG GAS:SOLID™ system uses SAF-T-CHOR™, a thermally stable, solid-form sodium chlorite to produce a pure, gaseous chlorine dioxide product.

“Characterized by simple operation, flexible control, and reliable production of chlorine dioxide gas on demand, this [GAS:SOLID system] process resolves essentially all of the problems associated historically with chlorine dioxide generation.”  Geo. Clifford White

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