Products: CDG Aquadioxide™ Liquid Concentrate

Pure, stable & ready-to-use.

CDG Aquadioxide™ liquid concentrate is an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide. It requires no mixing or “activation”, which simplifies chlorine dioxide application for small-volume users.

This product is intended for the oxidation of organic and inorganic compounds.  Intended applications include: Odor control of organic and inorganic sulfides, organic sulfur compounds such as mercaptans, disulfides, amines, aldehydes, ketones, fatty acids, phenols, and ammonia; iron and manganese oxidation in non-potable water; color removal; removal of hydrogen sulfide from crude petroleum, refined petroleum, hydrodesulphurization, natural gas, and hot springs; odor control in coke ovens, tanneries, waster water treatment and kraft paper mills; oxidation of thiols, ; oxidation of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.  It may be used in the treatment of seafood , fruits and vegetables, poultry and red meat including ready-to-eat meats.  It is not intended for any use that would normally require EPA registration.

CDG Aquadioxide™ is covered by U.S. patents 9,302,911, 9,045,338, 9,045,339, 9,045,340, 9,045,341, as well as several non U.S. filings and further patents pending.  Here is a complete list of CDG Environmental's patents.