CDG Environmental’s chlorine dioxide products are used in a large variety of applications. They are particularly well suited for municipal drinking water treatment, removal of bio fouling, Legionella control, cooling tower clean-up, various disinfection applications, animal drinking water purification, food processing, prevention of membrane fouling, destruction of bacteria in building drinking water systems, waste system odor control, paper processing, industrial cleaning, and manufacturing. These applications are served by professional water treating companies who have partnered with CDG to provide the proper hardware and dosing to provide efficient and safe solutions to customer problems.

CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate and GAS:SOLID™ system both enjoy numerous approvals, certifications, listings and registrations across a number of state and federal agencies.
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Storage-stable Aqueous Solutions of Chlorine Dioxide

Institutional Water and Legionella



Chlorine dioxide, both in solution and in the gas phase, kills a broad range of pathogens, from viruses and bacteria to bacterial spores and encysted parasites to yeasts and fungi.

Mold Remediation

Chlorine dioxide, both in solution and in the gas phase, kills mold, including toxic molds such as Stachybotrus and Aspergillus.

Biofilm Control

Chlorine dioxide effectively penetrates biofilm, and kills the resident bacteria.

Odor Control

Chlorine dioxide effectively oxidizes many odor-causing compounds, especially mercaptans and sulfur compounds.

Metals Oxidation

Chlorine dioxide oxidizes undesirable metals found in water—e.g., manganese, iron—and converts them from a soluble state to an insoluble state, which enables their removal by precipitation or filtering.

Color Removal

Chlorine dioxide effectively removes the color from many compounds, such as may be found in drinking water or wastewater.

Oxidation of THM/HAA Precursor

Chlorine dioxide is used to pre-treat raw water, in order to destroy compounds that would react with chlorine in downstream processes; this reduces production of trihalomethanes (THM), haloacetic acids (HAA) and other chlorinated organic compounds.


Municipal Drinking Water

The GAS:SOLID™system is used in municipalities across the U.S. to supply chlorine dioxide for drinking water purification to remove manganese and other hard to remove constituents. Over 50 systems have been installed nation-wide.


Chlorine dioxide has been shown to be an effective agent in killing a number of harmful organisms; CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate can be used for food and non-food contact hard surface disinfection in food processing plants, research laboratories, and other settings.

Cooling Towers

CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is being used as an effective biocide in comfort cooling towers to eliminate bio fouling which can reduce cooling efficiency.
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CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is being used to purify animal drinking water and can be used in a number of other agricultural applications to remove bio contamination in farm water, including the treatment of agricultural storage facilities, animal transport vehicles & confinement facilities.                                                                                                                                                          > Agriculture

Food Processing

Chlorine dioxide can be used for process plant disinfection and the removal of bacteria from water used in food processing. CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate has proven effective in the disinfection & treatment of poultry facilities.                                                                                             > Food Processing

Membrane Efficiency

Chlorine dioxide can be an effective agent to prevent bio contamination of reverse osmosis membranes thereby increasing the efficiency of the membrane and reducing the number of shutdowns and downtime associated with the cleanup of fouled membranes.                                                            > Membrane Efficiency

Secondary Potable Water Treatment

CDG SOLUTION 3000™ liquid concentrate is being used in hospitals and hotels to treat their internal water systems. The chlorine dioxide is effective against the legionella bacteria and a number of other harmful organisms.                                                                                                                                   >Secondary Potable Water Treatment

Water Disposal

Chlorine dioxide is effective in destroying odor causing chemicals that can be emitted from waste disposal sites.                                                                                                                                               > Water Disposal


Chlorine dioxide is an effective, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to clean industrial equipment such as tanks and piping systems to eliminate bio contaminants.                                         > Manufacturing